With Room Coffee is a local coffee shop that is located in the heart of downtown Minot. We specialize in coffee, plants, and going that extra mile to deliver coffee to your door. From house-made syrups to baked goods we make sure everything is made with love. We believe that growing our community is our main priority and to achieve that we partner up with other local shops around us. If you enjoy caffeine and oxygen then this is the place for you!

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Our Roots

Rebecca Alvarez

An entrepreneur & innovator at heart, Rebecca looks for ways to bring her California roots to North Dakota. ‘With Room Coffee’ was established in 2017 with Minot, ND being home-base.

It is all about creating a place for people to feel comfortable, and welcome.

With Room Coffee is one of many business to come in the near future. She hopes to expand With Room to other cities, and open up new shops to serve the local Minot, ND area.

What Happens Here

Meet the Team.

Why ‘With Room Coffee’?

‘With Room’ is about growing. We believe our cup shouldn’t be full to the top, we should have room for growth, in ourselves, in one another, and in our community. Together we build this community.


Hot & Cold brews.

Great vibes.

Project Green.

We are a driven group of people out to make a difference one cup of coffee at a time.

Go green -- with reusable cups.

Compost -- coffee grounds and food waste.

Minimize use of multiple plastics.

Wanting to Collaborate or join the team?

We see the possibilites with the community of Minot, ND. If you are interested in collaboration on an event, having us sponsor, or joining the team! Reach out to us!